Casa Humboldt has the highest quality sustainable sun-grown flower and CBD.
— Miles Doughty of Slightly Stoopid


Our Story

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The history of Casa Humboldt began with the "Back to Nature" movement in the 1970s when pioneers fled the city in search of a sustainable way of life, a migration that found its stopping point in Humboldt with its redwoods, mountains, and clean water and air. In this idyllic setting, pioneers started homesteads, lived off the grid, supplied their own mountain water and grew their own food along with one other influential crop…  

Most of the cannabis in the United States was imported up until this time. But after the Mexican paraquat scare, these back-to-the-landers began to grow cannabis in their gardens. Loggers soon realized their economy was in decline, so they, too, integrated cannabis into their gardens. Slowly a new economy emerged, with the local hippies and the loggers coming to define an industry.

Over the generations, they grew varietals and developed strains unique to the region. The people were more than area residents – decades of passed-down knowledge made them experts, experts at growing full-sun and light dep outdoor cannabis, experts at formulating organic soil mixes derived from nearby mountains and seacoast, and experts at cloning and developing the best strains of cannabis in the world. 

Humboldt became known as one of the best cannabis production regions in the world.

Casa Humboldt has been under continuous production since 1976. Hand-built by a humble and mysterious champion of the back-to-the-land movement, Casa Humboldt reflects an age of excellence. The cannabis is no different. At 1,600 feet above sea level, Casa Humboldt’s elevation, water, sun and proximity to the coast add up to one of the most extraordinary growing locations in the world.

As long as our cannabis grows, so does our history. 

There is a powerful medicine woman talking from here or is it from there? She's wise, we know that, and correct in her path.  Well, wherever she in nature, is it's pretty darned clear that her nightly dreams bring potent intellectualism and belly shaking humor to each draw of pleasure from their, all hand-tended cultivars.
Warren Bobrow


Our Promise

Casa Humboldt is committed to producing award-winning medicine using biodynamic and sustainable permaculture techniques. Our entire team of skilled agriculturalists and scientists share this common philosophy.

Our unique genetics and full-sun outdoor and light dep production ensure a consistently pure and extraordinary product – cannabis that grows as nature has intended – without a carbon footprint and free of carcinogens, a medicine aligned to that of a "Grand Cru" production in the wine industry.

Outdoor growth under the sun is the key to the smiles that ooze their way from the earth. Nary a drop of added water enters the growth process. This is a way that resembles Biodynamics, the study of the earth and the universe, interpreted by Rudolph Steiner over one hundred years ago. The flavors of the earth speak with great clarity when Casa Humboldt is nurturing the cultivars from soil untouched by heavy metals and manipulation. Great care is taken to ensure the finest possible results with minimal intervention, just like in wine.
Warren Bobrow

Whether you’re visiting us at the farm or in your own home, you will come to appreciate the unique qualities of Casa Humboldt’s medicine. 


Our Farm

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Welcome to 40-acres and 40 years of history. Casa Humboldt has been under continuous production since 1976. 

The microclimates along with generations of cannabis farming have established Casa Humboldt as a leading producer of cannabis in the United States. Casa Humboldt is located in the Eel River watershed, one of five cannabis appellations under review in the state of California. 

Each strain speaks of the place, bringing the essential natural terpenes directly into view.

Warren Bobrow

Our goal is consumer transparency. We expect you to trust your medicine and your farmer. That's why we welcome questions, tours and education. 

In an era of conglomerated food and products that are not authentic, legitimacy and transparency will reign supreme for educated and concerned citizens. Our first priority is always, and will always be, the land and flower. Our ability to understand the scientific process and refining it in harmony with nature is critical. Our process varies for day-to-day, year-to-year. Facilitating a product for the purist is our number one priority.
— Stefania Digiallorenzo, Chief Optimist, Casa Humboldt  

More On

Our Background and Process

We provide full clarity when consumers invest in our brand. Our team includes doctors and individuals with unique educational backgrounds, including a Masters of Environmental Sciences and Bachelors of Business. Our methods include onsite microscopic analysis, soil and plant testing to identify all types of fungi, viral and pathological organisms from day one. These strategies enable us to maintain real-time diagnosis of harvest quality. If we happen to find abnormalities, we remedy the situation using appropriate, tested organic solutions.

At the end of each growing season, we replenish our soils with minerals and micronutrients. After all, how can we expect the soil to give us such amazing products without giving back?

Everything on the property of Casa Humboldt is produced from the energy of the sun, creating a biochemical profile only nature can deliver. We believe that nature has given the perfect recipe, so why change it?

Each and every drop of water used in our cultivation is from rain catchment and tested routinely to maintain optimal pH balance. We utilize the latest Israeli Netafim subsurface irrigation technology to reduce water usage by 60% while oxygenating the soil and providing downward root development.

We have been refining Phenos and cultivars at our terrior since 2014.

Our Partners