Our Promise

At Casa Humboldt, we are committed to producing award winning medicine using biodynamic, sustainable, permaculture techniques. Our entire team of skilled agriculturalists and scientists share this common philosophy.

Our unique genetics and full-sun light dep production ensure a consistently pure and extraordinary product. Cannabis that grows as nature has intended—without a carbon footprint and free of carcinogens. A medicine aligned to that of a "Grand Cru" production in the wine industry. Whether you’re visiting us at the farm or in your own home, you will come to appreciate the unique qualities of Casa Humboldt cannabis.


Our Farm

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Welcome to 40-acres and 40 years of history. Casa Humboldt has been under continuous production since 1976. 

The microclimates along with generations of cannabis farming, have established Casa Humboldt  as a leading producer of cannabis in the United States. Casa Humboldt is located in the Eel River watershed, one of the five designated cannabis appellations in the state of California. 

Our goal is consumer transparency. We expect you to trust your medicine and your farmer. That's why we welcome questions, tours and education. 

Most recently, Humboldt has even become the second county in the United States to ban GMO's.

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Our Background and Process

We are invested in providing full clarity when consumers invest in our brand. Our team includes doctors and individuals with an array of unique educational backgrounds including Masters in Environmental Sciences and Bachelor's of Business. We use onsite microscopic analysis, soil, and plant testing to identify all types of fungi, viral, pathological organisms from day one. We implement this strategy to maintain real-time diagnosis of our harvest quality. If we do happen to find any abnormalities, we appropriately remedy the situation using tested, organic solutions.

At the end of each growing year, we replenish our soils with mineral and micro-nutrient contents. After all, how can we expect the soil to give us such amazing products without giving back? We are a permaculture certified farm.

Everything on the property of Casa Humboldt is produced from the energy of the sun, creating a biochemical profile only nature can deliver. We believe that nature has given the perfect recipe, so why change it?

Each and every drop of water used in our cultivation is from rain catchment and tested routinely to maintain optimal pH balance. We utilize the latest irrigation technology using a Netafim subsurface system reducing water usage by 60% while oxygenating the soil and providing downward root development.

Our Partners