Crescent Moon Harvest, August 2019

casa humboldt wine bottle.jpg

We only harvest at night under the moon, and as we cut the crescent black moon looks on as our plants swell with love and ooze with medicine. The scents of gas, diesel, plums, pears, apricots, figs and lavender fill the air — it’s the Cannabis terpenes alive and well, sweeping aromas that saturate your senses, airborne perfume exuded by the plants at peak ripeness.


Our 2019 harvest may be one of the best ever in our terroir, our secluded Southern Humboldt location and specially selected genetics are making for something special. Casa Humboldt is 175 miles north of San Francisco. It is remote hilly terrain with terraced gardens accessible only by foot and hand, and it’s quiet… only the sounds of the birds wings in our ears as we move through our days.

No machines. No electricity. No electromagnetics. No pollution. No GMOs or pesticides being sprayed in the surrounds which can cross contaminate our crop. Just rain water, the wind, the sun and animals.

Speaking of pesticides, take a good look at Sonoma and Napa. How can you possibly produce exceptionally clean outdoor cannabis when neighboring wineries can spray outrageous amounts of fungicides and pesticides like myclobutinol by law?

We kept this stark question in mind as we headed to the 3rd Annual Wine and Weed Symposium in Sonoma at the beginning of this August. We went to see our amazing community and to observe how the dialogue is changing, to see how wine country with its deep pockets and industry experts now seems so interested in cannabis tourism and production.

As we mixed between the two industries at this event, we tried to keep the dialogue centered around Mendo and Humboldt, around Emerald Triangle craft cannabis producers. After all, who else can claim 40 years of production globally? Who else is growing in such unspoiled rural environments like the land of Casa Humboldt, a place shrouded in mystery and rooted in the legacy of Humboldt?

(Forbes contributor and cannabis connoisseur Warren Bobrow’s writes about the Wine and Weed Symposium and Casa Humboldt’s freshly cut herbs here.)

Great things take work. Haven’t you figured that out? At the ripe age of 53 we have. It is work to produce at Casa Humboldt, and it makes us so happy to know we have something so different, so unique. Our team is so dedicated and deeply rooted in commitment to this land, to this plant. Our roots tell the story.

We harvested the Ice Cream Cake and Blueberry Muffin 4 last week, and each plant was carefully handled one-by-one, dissected prior to drying. Then it’s a slow cure in our Redwood Room at a specific temperature and humidity, the carefully controlled environment creating the perfect flower.


Throughout the ebb and flow of the season, the farm is sustained by biodynamic/regenerative principles and a skilled Director of Agriculture, Cory Grabow. We are proud and open about how we care for our earth and our females. We are proud of the craft community. We are proud to encourage transparency and small batch production. 

Corporate cannabis will survive with or without us. 

The Full Moon Sturgeon Moon was upon us August 15th, and the harvest continues. A new moon cycle. The constellations guide us thru the production from seed-to-sale. 

We are committed to crafting Full Spectrum Full Sun Medicine to support the Endocannabinoid  system... We chase terps, not THC.

Do you trust your medicine?


We do!