The Emerald Exchange Ethos


At Casa Humboldt, we produce sun-grown biodynamic cannabis flowers for the California marketplace. While many people in our immediate and rural Northern California community know exactly where their cannabis product is sourced from and how it was grown, we find that consumers from more urban areas are not necessarily aware of the virtues of small farmed, sun-grown and organic cannabis.

We are continually encouraging cannabis consumers to ask the following questions:
“Do you trust your medicine?” (Casa Humboldt tagline)
”Do you trust your farmer?” ‍(Grow Sisters)
And the recent campaign by Brother David, “Do you trust corporate cannabis?”

If you eat organic food, buy organic and sustainably produced clothing and goods and live a lifestyle connected to nature, you may already ask these questions when you purchase and consume cannabis products. But if you've only ever been exposed to cannabis products from indoor cultivation, or if you've never really given thought to where your cannabis comes from, these questions might be far out.

This is a huge part of why Casa Humboldt supports and participates in California's legal cannabis market -- to get every single cannabis consumer out there thinking about how their cannabis is grown, about the carbon footprint of their cannabis suppliers, and about how truly effective, healing and advantageous sun-grown and sustainably farmed cannabis can be.

And this is why we are aligned with the Emerald Exchange, a trade organization representing small-batch, family farmers from Northern California who are on the same page as Casa Humboldt, farmers who honor the tradition and heritage of working with the elements to produce clean and fully expressive cannabis in a socially, economically and environmentally regenerative way.

The Emerald Exchange hosts regular events in Southern California which encourage every cannabis consumer to #KnowYourGrower, and their Emerald Outpost at 99 High Tide, Malibu’s premier cannabis dispensary, is an ongoing sales and education platform that highlights small batch, sun-grown, family farmed cannabis from NorCal, including Casa Humboldt varieties.

Emerald Outpost representatives encourage their customers to ask similar questions to the ones we listed above:
Where does this cannabis come from?
Who is producing it?
And, who benefits when you buy it?

After all, a decentralized marketplace is best when it comes to agricultural production, Emerald Exchange founders Justin Calvino and Michael Katz will argue, and given the potency and power of our small batch sun-grown cannabis, Casa Humboldt couldn't agree more.

We thank the Emerald Exchange and their Emerald Outpost for getting our story out there, for letting people know what they need to ask cultivators, and for explaining why it is advantageous to purchase cannabis that is grown in environments where plants fully express.

We are proud to be part of this trade organization, and we encourage you to stop by 99 High Tide to check out the Emerald Outpost, and to follow @EmeraldExchangeCA for the latest on their events.