Barney's High End Luxury Cannabis Space

This Thursday, March 21st, The High End luxury cannabis space opens on the fifth floor at Barney’s Beverly Hills, with the online luxury space opening at on March 29th.

Screen grab from linked post

Screen grab from linked post

The role of cannabis in the luxury realm will be explored in the online series The High End by Thom Bettridge. Part 1: The Intersection Of Cannabis And Luxury was posted today. Bettridge will be “exploring the role of cannabis in the luxury realm via features and interviews ranging from cannabis sommeliers to bong brokers, doctors, and beauty entrepreneurs.”

Here is an excerpt from Bettridge’s first article (linked above);

Another seemingly magical — and heretofore relatively unexplored — property of cannabis is its ability to carry a wide variety of essential oil-producing compounds called terpenes. “There’s no other plant that has as many terpenes as cannabis,” explains Tony Daniel. “There’s pinene that gives you a pine smell. Limonene that gives you a lemon smell. Or linalool, which is the lavender smell. Cannabis’s unique ability to support terpenes makes it like a psychological and olfactory skeleton key, or to put it more whimsically, the real life version of the magical gum in Willy Wonka. “Citrus is pretty easy to isolate, but combinations that can make a strain smell like strawberry or papaya are where you really need to have a knack for it,” says the cannabis breeder Daniel Hendricks. “In the last two years, you have these fruit-like scenarios evolving, like [the strain] Blueberry Muffin, where you smell it and can envision biting into a homemade blueberry muffin.”