Our Story


The history of Casa Humboldt began with the "Back to Nature" movement in the 1970s.


Pioneers started to flee the city life of San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district in search of a sustainable way of life.

With its amazing redwoods, mountains, and clean water and air, Humboldt seemed the idyllic place. The migration had found its stopping point. Here in Humboldt, these pioneers lived off the grid, supplying their own mountain water and growing their own food, along with one other influential crop.  

Up until this time, most of the cannabis in the United States was imported. But after the Mexican paraquat scare, these back-to-the-land locals began to grow cannabis in their gardens. Loggers soon realized their economy was in decline, so they, too, integrated cannabis into their gardens. Slowly a new economy would come to be—
and the hippies and the loggers would define an industry.


Over the generations, they grew varietals and developed    strains unique to the region

At 1,600 ft above sea level, the elevation, water, sun and proximity to the coast would all add to one of the most extraordinary grow regions in the world. Like the wine industry, the cannabis industry had found a place of rebirth.

The people were more than area residents. Decades of passed-down knowledge made them experts. Experts at growing full-sun and light dep outdoor cannabis. Experts at formulating organic soil mixes derived from nearby mountains and seacoast. And finally, experts at cloning and developing the best strains of cannabis in the world.

Thus, Humboldt became known throughout the world           as the best appellation. 

Rooted deeply in the land and the people who nurtured it, this rich history established Humboldt as a leading producer of cannabis for the United States.

The principles of sustainability and organic farming never left Humboldt. Our priorities of cannabis production are simple: organic growing, sustainability of the watersheds
and wildlife, solar and wind production, peaceful living and above all, Love and Nature. Most recently, Humboldt has even become the second county
in the United States to ban GMOs.


These concepts were the genesis of Casa Humboldt.

Forty years later, one original pioneer continues to farm the 40-acre estate. This back-to-the-land movement’s humble and mysterious champion has hand built Casa Humboldt to reflect an age of excellence. The cannabis is no different. Grown in one of the most coveted watersheds in the California Region, the state of California designated Humboldt an appellation for cannabis production. This is more proof of what we have always known: as long as our cannabis grows, so does our history.